Ultimate Guide to Online Amateur Dating

Before you get started, let’s take a moment to reflect on Internet dating as a social phenomenon- in its infancy, Internet dating was considered a last resort for desperate cyber-geeks and stories of sexual predators roaming the net made many hesitant to give online dating a try. In the past five years, the reality of modern living has demonstrated that the Internet is a welcome resource for professionals at all levels of society to meet and get to know other potential suitors in a relaxed, comfortable manner that accommodates those who don’t enjoy the bar scene or live busy lives that don’t allow for much casual socializing.

Given the diversity of individuals and interests manifested in the online dating community, it is a good idea to sit down with yourself and be honest about what you’re looking for in a relationship before you jump into online dating. Rest assured that whatever your relationship goals may be, there are plenty of other like-minded individuals online waiting to meet you; and that defining yourself doesn’t mean limiting your options.

The specific website(s) you join will play a large role in determining the kind of partners you will interact with: most dating sites can be divided into “Free Sites”, where free membership offset by advertising and data mining, and “Subscription Sites”, where basic limited memberships cost nothing, but actual dating functionality comes at a monthly cost. Most of these sites are for generally for people who are actively looking for committed relationships. In contrast, adult themed services serve more carnal ambitions and are more appropriate for individuals looking for ‘no-strings’, or ‘NSA’ engagements. As the cost and time commitment of joining these sites is often substantial, it is important to recognize the tone and purpose of any given site and make sure it complies with your personal relationship goals before you join.

Your profile is your calling card in online dating. It contains all the personal information you wish to share with someone in online matching communities, and is usually comprised of a self-descriptions of various lengths, and pictures of yourself. While you certainly have the freedom to present yourself however you like; remember that at the start of relationship, truthfulness is a hallmark that will only serve to better reward yourself and your partners in the end.

Once you’re ready to get on the Net and start “flirting”, “winking”, and “poking” potential partners, it’s important to understand the basic applications at your disposal. Beyond your profile and included picture, there are a few standard applications that you should understand to be successful in the world of Internet mating, such as email, chat (SMS), and possibly investing in a webcam. Every matching site will provide their social network with additional tools that cater to the defined parameters of a site’s objective and with a basic understanding of these tools, you will have no problem interacting with potential suitors online- now to find your prospective partners.

Once you have settled on a dating site and have set up your profile, you should feel confident enough to start browsing through profiles and identifying potential partners. Familiarize yourself the basic search function provided on most sites and narrow down your selections to 10 or 20 mates that fit your personal relationship criteria before you start contacting anyone, and pay attention to their requests as well and look for someone whose interests are compatible with who you are rather than superficial characteristics.

Once you’ve found a potential match, you’ll want to devise a strategy for getting their attention and hopefully some kind of response- go ahead and introduce yourself using the various tools provided by your dating service.

Remember to move slowly, do not give out any personal information until you are comfortable with the person you are interacting with, and get to know them a little before you agree to take the next step.

Once you’re comfortable enough with someone to want to take it to a physical encounter, you should still be aware of your safety and any risk you are putting yourself in and take caution in setting up the first date.

Overall, the Internet is a fascinating place to meet friends and hopefully establish a loving relationship. The overriding rule is to be honest with yourself and be honest with others, and besides that, be smart about your personal safety online. There is a lot of fun to be had out there, and with the right mindset you’re bound to find someone to share your love, interests, and passions with- if not at least a romp in the sack. Good luck, and happy hunting.

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