Free Dating Site Reviews

Free sites provide a great way for anybody and everybody who wants to flirt, date, and find romance and more without risking any financial investment on getting actual results. While there are plenty of success stories from people using virtually every dating service provided online, there is certainly some truth to the proposition that ‘you get what you pay for’ in this case, and this is reflected by the fact that these sites are often littered with flakes, perverts, and other sexual deviants who have nothing to loose. Another materialistic truth about these sites is that they tend to attract people who don’t have credit cards or simply cannot afford to spend even $20 to join a decent matching site for a month, let alone a car or even a decent date- if these things are important to you, you might think about investing a few dollars yourself into a pay site.

The most popular free dating sites include,, Casual Kiss, and Plenty of to name a few. Most are standard dating sites where you create a profile and search for matches based on your desired criteria, but often include additional central community features such as forums and chat rooms. Interestingly, many social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace have evolved to incorporate matchmaking functionality in them, and many people find love and romance by using these services as a way to get dates. Other ‘personals’ sites offer free listings, and one key resource for this would be, but beware of these services, as they tend to harbor a wide mix of ethical backgrounds.

Remember to exercise caution when using these sites, and never share your personal information with a stranger you’ve never met, and if you do choose to submit this information through a free website, be very careful about who you are dealing with, and never assume that someone is real just because they have a picture of ‘themselves’ and sound like a nice girl or guy.

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