Free Adult Matchmaker Services

…what, you players are still reading on? You think there’s some secret ‘free’ website that provides NSA sex with no fees and I’m gonna tell you about it right here in this blog?

Ok fine, you got me: it’s called

“Craigslist?” you might ask, ”I thought that was for selling used cars and getting someone to design your website- what does that have to do with dating?”

Simple- under ‘Personals’ go to ‘Casual Encounters’. Select your sexual preference, and you’ll find a daily list of NSA sexual requests from people all over your local area. While the male to female ratio is skewed dramatically against guys, and scams abound, there are plenty of opportunities to score a quick sexual encounter of the casual kind from this not-so-secret goldmine of adult activities.

To really succeed as a guy, with statistical odds that make the lottery seem like a sound investment, you’ve got to respond to a W4M (or WW4M) posting within about 5 minutes of initial posting to even make it onto the chicks radar- after that she’ll be looking at literally hundreds of emails filling her email box to the point where the ad will simply be discontinued, and she’ll likely find someone to fling herself on within 10-20 responses.

So keep that page open, and hit the refresh button every few minutes and you might eventually get lucky- but don’t hold your breath, and don’t waste any time posting your own personal even if you’re the hottest guy in the world- you’re still more likely to be contacted by marketing scams and perverted homos than any real girls (they don’t want to approach you, they want you to approach them).

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