Pay Adult Match Making Sites

…you still there players?

So now that the romantics are off checking out and eHarmony, let’s get down to the business at hand: getting laid.

While most mainstream dating sites are built around providing a general matchmaking platform that can be applied to a variety of sexual preference types, and there is certainly tons of game to be had from romantics that can be courted to bed on the first date, there are also more niche-tailored sites that aim to specifically provide NSA (no strings attached) relationships and sexual encounters.

I’m not talking about escorts or prostitutes- for those you can simply look up ‘escorts’ and ‘your city’ in Google and will find plenty of veritable escort services that will gladly satisfy your needs for at a price: that’s not what we’re here to discuss (and beware of police sting operations).

I really only have one word for you:

This is like being given a pass to a secret society of sexual enthusiasts: where everyone joins under the premise of a massive dating site that caters exclusively to NSA relationships- essentially a fuck-buddy finder, with sites tailored to virtually every major market in the world. While competition is fierce, especially in major metropolitan areas, one key tip is to ignore the girls with super-hot pictures in their profiles. If they are really that hot and looking for a sexual relationship, asides from the fact that they probably don’t need to go online to find this in the first place, they would simply get bombarded with so many responses in the first day that they would have to take their picture down simply to be able to manage their emails, they probably don’t need to go online in the first place.

Put up a good profile and search for people in your area without pictures in their profile: contact enough of them and you’re bound to stumble on a hottie who will appreciate that you’re attracted to their stated sexual needs than their appearance.

In closing, you can DEFINITELY get laid on this site and others like it (search on Google). Don’t be afraid to pump up your stats a little, and recognize that you’re going to have to put together a pretty good game to be competitive on NSA sex sites: girls that show up to these communities are in the driver’s seat, but that doesn’t mean that men can’t get lucky too.

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